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QUESTION: Is it possible to purchase the following 1776-1976 Bicentennial coins: quarter, half-dollar, and dollar struck in 40% silver from the Philidelphia mint (no mint mark on the coins)? Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: Those sets are no longer available from the mint.

You will have to locate them on the secondary market.  Proof sets and mint sets are only sold by the mint during the current year of issue.

Joe Hylas

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QUESTION: Dear Mr. Hylas,

Thanks for your response, but I think I need to clarify my question. I don't mean to buy anything literally from the Philadelphia Mint, but are the Philadelphia-minted 40% silver coins available (no mint marks on them) in the secondary market? I can easily locate the silver bicentennial coins with "S" mint marks but I cannot find these coins without mint marks. Thanks for any insight you can provide.



ANSWER: Hi Ward,

Sorry about the confusion.

All of the 1976 40% silver coins, whether mint state or proof, carried the "S" mintmark.

I know of no instances of those coins being struck WITHOUT an "S" mintmark.

How's that? Better?

I check my library just to be sure.  :)


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QUESTION: Hello again Mr. Hylas, color me "confused"! Tonight I looked in the 2012 "Redbook" (Yeoman) and on page 228, in the list of Eisenhower dollars, there's a line: "1776-1976, Silver Clad, Variety 2.....$20 (PF-65)". Could this mean that 40% silver coins had indeed been minted in Philadelphia, thus no mint mark? But only in proof? I do not see a similar entry for the quarter or half. Baffling! Thanks for your help and patience.

The no "S" issue was an error.  The coins were struck in San Francisco, however the mintmark was accidentally omitted.  That is a $100,000 coin.

So technically, there were none minted in Philadelphia.

There are 2 entries in the Redbook.  The value of $20 would be for the S Mint Proof, whereas the mint state (S Mint) coin is listed for $16.

Above that is the 1776-1976, silver clad, variety 2 with no value assigned. NO MINT MARK


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