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I cannot find an image and only one reference to this notgeld 5pf.  I believe it is from c1917.  Can you tell me something about it and relative rarity?


Your coin is from Prussia. This coin falls into the category of Notgeld or emergency issue money. These were made by local citizens and companies when money from the government was scarce as it was in WWI.

Here is info on the town
The Duchy of Żagań (Polish: księstwo żagańskie, Czech: Zaháňské knížectví) or Duchy of Sagan (German: Herzogtum Sagan) was one of the duchies of Silesia ruled by the Silesian Piasts. Its capital was Żagań in Lower Silesia, the territory stretched to the town of Nowogród Bobrzański in the north and reached the Lusatian Neisse at Przewóz in the west, including two villages beyond the river (Pechern and Neudorf).

It was formed in 1274 from the western part of the Duchy of Głogów and existed independently until 1304, then again from 1322 to 1394 and from 1413 to 1472. Since 1329 it was under the suzerainty of Bohemia; it was acquired by Saxony in 1472 before it was finally incorporated by the Bohemian king in 1549. Later Żagań passed to Bohemian and French nobility, in 1742 it was annexed by Prussia.

While these coins are rare they are not valuable. In the condition that your coin is in you can expect the retail value to be about $20. They made a few thousand to 100,000 of these depending on need. Most were destroyed or recalled by the makers so less than 10,000 of each kind remain scattered all over the world.  

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