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I have two 1949 5 pfennige "J" coins.  The "j" mint marks are very different. one large and one small.  However, I can not find any catalog or site that recognizes a "J" mint mark variation for 1949.  There is a listing for a Small and large J for 1950 5 pfenning.  Are you aware of a J variation for 1949? Where could find more information?  Thank you

Hi Randy,
This has come up a few times before. I am not sure why Krause does not mention this variety as they do with the 1950 5 pfennig and 1949 10 pfennig. It has been brought to there attention since at least the 2008 edition and probably earlier, but they have not updated it.
It should also be noted that the Krause books are famous for having many mistakes, typographical errors and omissions.
Practically speaking both the large and small J are equally common as with the others and their value typically does not differ.
I am sure this is mentioned in German language literature, but I am not aware of anything in English that covers this variety.
Thanks for the question! =)

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