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1943 bank note
1943 bank note  

1943 bank not
1943 bank not  
I just wondered if you would have any idea about this note. It is from  Bank of England, 1943 five pound. The difference is all the soldiers signed the back of it. Did that make it worthless or worth more? Thank you for your time.


Hi Sheila,

This is what we would call a Short Snorter in America.  They were signed by service men and used in bars to determine who was buying the round.  They certainly have value but it's largely based on who signed the notes and where they were.  If there are any indications where the note was signed it would be helpful to know.  If this note was signed on the day before Normandy or something cool like that it would be a wonderful artifact.

Google Short Snorter and you will find experts who can tell you more about your specific note.

Kind regards,

Greg Davis  

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