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   Years ago, my Mother worked as a clerk in her brother's grocery store. At some time she started tossing a handful of coins into a container. As best I can tell this was a random selection. I believe the coins were accumulated from approximately 1950 until 1970 plus or minus a couple of years. There is nearly a milk crate full of these coins which are to be divided between myself and my cousins husband. He wants to take them to a dealer to ascertain their value. I maintain that that is a risky thing without having an inventory as well as I don't wish to wholesale them. My proposal is to simply divide  them in half by denomination, weigh the pennies into two equal piles and count the others into equal piles. He can do what he wishes with his and I mine. If there are a few gold coins that stand out, we could have those appraised but the majority would simply be split by denomination and maybe someone might get real lucky but I am willing to take that remote chance. I think that I can get my local bank to do the sorting to avoid anyone trying to sort out a rare coin. Do you think that my proposal is valid?
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If your bank is willing to do that for you, that would save some work.

But Bill, this is what you are looking for:

Wheat pennies, pennies made BEFORE 1959.  Those are worth about 3 cents each.

Nickels:  any Buffalo Head Nickels.  Jefferson Nickels dated 1942-1945 with a LARGE MINT MARK (P, D, or S) over the dome of Monticello.

Dimes dated before 1965 (Silver and worth about $1.80 ea.)

Quarters dated before 1965  (Silver and worth about $4.50 ea.)

Half Dollars dated before 1965  (Silver and worth $9 ea)
         Dated 1965-1970 are part silver and worth about $3 ea.

Silver Dollars dated before 1936 (Worth about $22-25 ea)

Any gold coins.  Do not let them go thru the counting machine, they will get damaged.

Also bear in mind that the coins on the top of the crate will be the newer coins.

You could always just weigh all the coins and divide the weight by two.

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