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I found some old coins set in a handmade display case at a tag sale. I thought they were fake, but my grandkids broke the case and when I rescued the coins I realized they were real. I would like to find out if they are worth anything. They do have some glue on them were they attached them to the case, but they seem to be in good shape. The oldest one has Maria I Del Gratia, the date is 1796, and the worth is 20 reals.There is a Ludovicus I, 10 reals 1865, 20 reals 1865. Hope you can tell me they're worth a mint, but if not, hey thanks for trying.

Hi Willa,
These are copper 10 and 20 reis (pronounced heis) from The Portuguese Azores. They were made in relatively small numbers, but seem to be fairly common on the market in average circulated condition. The prices do go up quite a bit when you get into the higher grade examples though. I really would not be able to give you any sort of accurate evaluation without seeing a clear picture to ascertain their condition. The glue is also an issue, because often it requires acetone to remove and that will permanently discolor the copper.
If you can attach a picture of the coins to a follow-up question, or e-mail me directly at, I can certainly evaluate their condition and value.
Thanks for the question! =)

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