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 side a
side a  

side b
side b  
I'm following up all suggestions as to how to find out anything regarding this recent metal detecting find.

Someone suggested it looks similar to a Sri Lankan Massa coin, hence my enquiry to you.

the picture gives more detail than I could try to explain, other than the material the disk is made of appears to be either bronze/copper...It is definitely not iron, and appears too hard to be either silver or lead

any thoughts would be much seems no-one can shed any light on it



It is not a Lankan coin, although I agree side B has a standing man bit like that found on Massa coins.
The other side of Massa coins always has a seated man with DevaNagari text.
I suspect it is Indian since there are many coins of this style with standing man on both sides.
I suggest that you ask on the southasia-coins yahoo group at
Was it found in Australia ?

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