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Coin and Paper Money Collecting/$100 Federal Reserve Notes from the 50's


Star notes
Star notes  

1928 Chicago
1928 Chicago  
I am wanting to sell off most of the paper money I have from my collection that I got over the years and from my grandfather.   Many of the bills I feel should grade Very Fine or Extremely Fine with some being Almost uncirculated.  I have photos.  I am trying to find a buyer or an Idea on what to offer them for if there is any value.


Chuck Zickus
Bowling Green, KY
(828) 403-8831

1928 Chicago G00147873A

1934 Chicago G04725057A
1934 Chicago G00600052A 
1934 Chicago G03468529A
1934B St. Louis H02829406A (Burnt upper right corner)
1934A Chicago G06700965A
1934D Dallas K02374218A
1934 Chicago G06492805A
1934 Chicago G08500203A

1950D Chicago G10459315A   #consecutive 
1950D Chicago G10459316A   #consecutive
1950D Chicago G10459324A
1950B St. Louis H01933700A
1950A St. Louis H01713267A
1950D San Francisco L09129376A
1950 Chicago 01001442A
1950A New York B04854823A (Off center cut)
1950E Chicago G14385567A
1950C Minneapolis I01221024A

1969 Chicago G 00000726A

1977 Chicago G 00693104*, 105*, 106* 107*.  These appear to be Almost Uncirculated and were part of a stack.

Hi Chuck,

It appears the best notes are the ones you pictured.  I don't think the other notes would command a premium over face value.  The notes you show would be a best sold over eBay.  The reason is that I don't know a collector for them but there surely is one out there.

When I know the collector I always make the deal work but if I don't know anyone that wants them it's hard to buy them and put them in inventory.

Kind regards,


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