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I have a bank note for five dollars from the first national bank of amherst massachusetts, series 1929. It has 393 on the side and the serial number (?) is F001412A. It is in good condition but lets say fair condition to be conservative. No rips, a couple fold marks that are now flat. good color. I want to sell it on Ebay but cannot find anywhere on the net what it might be worth, if anything. Do you have any idea? I am hoping at least the five dollars printed on it :-)Thank you for your time and help and for being a Expert on this site. I was one for 5 years and it can be taxing so thank you in advance.

Hi Diana,

Depending on the exact condition the note is worth between $65 and $150.  The last example I know of selling brought $115.  If you are an eBay seller you should just throw it up there and start it for .01 to save the fees.  The market won't let it sell for too little.

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