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I am buying these three Morgan dollars from somebody over Craig's list.
But the certification companies are not the ones everybody knows NTC and NPG.
1885   P   NTC MS64
1886      NTC MS65
1896      NPG MS65
Here is the link with pictures of the coins.
Can you help me assess if these coins are worth the $300, the seller is asking for. I am new collecting, and not sure if these are worth

Thanks for your help


Don't pay any attention to any slab coin grade unless its graded by PCGS or NGC. NTC and NPG are known for significantly over-grading coins. It's a little hard to tell from the pictures, but I'm thinking all 3 of these coins are AU or so, maybe MS 60 but they have a lot of bag marks and are either weak strikes or show wear. They are worth about $30-40 each.

$300 is 3 times what they are worth.

You can buy similar coins on Ebay for the prices I mentioned. You might have better luck there.

Good luck.


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