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Four Medals
Four Medals  

Four Medals
Four Medals  
It's some time, I have 4 medals that I want, if is possible to you help me identify. The first one is Germany 1821 from Berlin, this info. I get it from, but nothing more; is bronze, 44mm. Obverse; Friedrich Wilhelm bust, sign by G. Loos. Reverse; Said; PROTECTOR LTOMORVM PER BORVSSOS FLORENTIS. Iwant to know the year, commemoration and value. The second one, Germany 1892 Aluminum, 37mm. I think is a token from a company. Obverse; A scene of a damp, said, RHEINFALL SCHAFFHAUSEN Aluminum -Fabrik 4000 PFERDEKR. Obverse; ALUMINUM-INDUSTRIE-ACTIEN-GESELLSCHAFT Januar 1892. 5 Mark per kilo. The third one; USA 1899 Bronze 40mm, 100th aniv. Washington. The 4th, USA 1963 Bronze, 76mm. Lincoln Hall of Fame of Great Americans. This is the big one 76mm. Iwant to know if is possible the value of each one of this 4 medals. Thanks

Hi Ramon, how have you been

1. You've asked me about this medal twice before. I have no new information as one has still not come to auction or been sold through a dealer since the last time you asked about it.

Prussia, 1840. This pictures Kaiser Wilhelm as protector of the Masonic order. This is a more interesting one because of the affiliation with the Masons. I have not seen any at auction, and the value is difficult to determine. It would likely be worth more to a collector of Masonic items than a collector of German medals.

2. This is an advertising medallion for an aluminum manufacturing company in Schaffhausen, Germany. It is advertising their price for aluminum, which was 5 marks per kilogram. Have not seen any sell at auctions, but in Europe dealers as 10 to 15 euros for pieces like this.

3. This is an official medal, approved by the US congress in 1899 and struck in 1904. In excellent condition it's worth $75 to $100.

4. The large medal is from a series made from 1962 to 1975 by the Medallic Art Co. There were 96 different medals in the series. The large 76mm pieces were all made in bronze. They also made medals half this size in both bronze and silver. Most of the large medals are worth $25 to $40, but the Lincoln one is probably in the range of 450 as it is a nicer medal and more popular.

Thanks again for the question! =)

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