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I have what I think to be a Coronet Type (Young Head) Large Cent from 1853. Can you please tell me it's value? Any info would be helpful!

Hello, Amanda, the value of any coin depends greatly on its condition, from really rough, with all sorts of problems to mostly original and in condition as minted.  If your piece is in decent but well circulated shape, it would be worth in the $20+ range.  You can go to and do a search for 1853 cent and maybe another for 1853 penny and there should be some samples being sold and you can compare the pictures with yours and also see what price the sellers are asking for but more importantly what prices are being bid (just because a seller lists a piece for $100 if no one bids it is likely not worth $100).  Also, keep in mind you can't do anything to improve your coin's condition, anything you do trying will reduce value, perhaps substantially.  So please don't try.  Jim Lawniczak

Coin and Paper Money Collecting

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I will answer your questions about encased coins (lucky pennies), which are advertising and event tokens with coins, unually cents, struck with the token.


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