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Hi I have a bronze 10 "lepta" phoenix coin dated 1831 and circulated by I. Capodistrias. In fairly good condition. More information please (I know it was cut on the island of Aegina and who it was designed by but I don't know how many pieces were in circulation until 1833 when they adopted the drachmae. Any info as to how rare or not it is?

Hi Vasia,

Independence from Turkey was won with the revolution of 1821-27. In 1833, Greece was established as a
monarchy, with sovereignty guaranteed by Britain, France and Russia.

Here is some info about your coin:

KM# 12 10 LEPTA
Copper Ruler: John Kapodistrias Obv: Phoenix without circle
Rev: Denomination within branches

Date Mintage F VF XF Unc BU
1831 1,223,000 75.00 225 650 2,150 —

As you can see mintage is quite big but since those coins are mostly very worn out, even VF coins
have big values due to high worldwide collectability of this coin.
So we can say this is not a rare coin but on other side it is very rare in higher grades.

It would be even more better to have 5 Lepta 1831 because mintage was only 22.000!
Hopefully your coin is in great condition so you can expect higher values.

Wish you luck and kind regards from Slovenia
Happy 2014
Lazar Trivunović

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