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I have an old coin dated 1741. The face of it has a King's Head turned to his left. The date is just to the right of the King's nose. He is wearing a crown, has a beard and what appears to be a word on the left side of his head. The word is not in English. There is 16 dots that make a half circle around the top 3/4 of the kings head. On the back there is a large ship with 3 masts each with 3 sails. The ship is sailing to the left. The outside rim of the coin is ribbed and the edges look like rope.The coin is copper. Can you help me identify it and tell me it's value? Thank you.

Hi Roger,
My initial thought is a jeton (token/medallion)of European origin. I would really need to see it to make a definitive identification. If you can attach clear photos of it to a follow-up question on this site, or email me the pictures directly at, that would be great.

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My specialty is world coins from the 18th to 20th centuries, primarily non-US foreign coins and related areas such as errors and exonumia (tokens, medals, etc.). I can answer questions relating to identification, grading, selling, preservation and evaluation of such items. In addition to catalog value, I can give you the practical market value and trends for specific types of coins. I will also take questions regarding counterfeits (both modern and antique) and on how to identify them. I am NOT knowledgeable in paper money/banknotes, ancient or "shipwreck" coins. Thank you.


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