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quarter pics  

quarter pic
quarter pic  
Sir, thank you for responding to my question. Attached are the pictures, one of each side, and the weight of said coin is 4.35 grams. Thank you again for your assistance.

Hi Corey,

Thanks you for the pictures.

Sorry but that's not a mint error -- that coin did not come from the mint like that.  Somebody took a grinder or metal file to the coin and removed almost all of the outer copper-nickel layer from one side of the coin.  Those lines are from whatever was used to remove the metal from the coin.  Notice how the outline of Washington's head is still somewhat visible (upside-down in your picture) -- the lighter color metal around his head proves that this is something that happened after the coin was struck -- that it's not a problem with the clad layer being missing, but rather that it's been removed.

Also, this coin is supposed to weigh 5.7 grams.  If it were just missing the clad layer on one side, it would still weigh over 5 grams.  Yours weighing 4.35 grams indicates there is more metal missing than just one side of the clad layer.

So as it is, it's just considered an altered or damaged coin -- no collectible value.  Not good news I know, but it is what it is.

I hope this helps,


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