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East Africa 1 Florin 1920
East Africa 1 Florin 1  
Hi Dmitry,

I have this 1920 East African florin, and was initially excited after doing some preliminary research that it may have some value. I read that 'A' mintmark coins increase the value of the coin significantly. To look under a standard magnifying glass, or to the naked eye, there appears to be A above the one for the mintmark. Since then, I have looked under a 5x magnifying glass, and it almost appears as though the coin has been hit at precisely the point of the mintmark. It is as if the triangular part has an indiscernible line coming from it with another line at the top of that. It could have even been an I before being hit.

I was wondering what your thoughts were on this, and what the value of the coin could be? It does show a little age.

Many thanks,


Hi Christen,
I cannot clearly make out the mintmark from the photo, but based on what you describe it sounds like an attempt to alter the more common H mark to the rare A mark. Both marks can be somewhat hard to hell apart under regular circumstances if there is wear on that area, so it doesn't take too much effort to alter it enough to fool the naked eye. This is an unfortunate and all too commonplace practice in numismatics, often referred to as "coin doctoring".
Thanks for your question! :)

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