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Hey there,
In sept of 1991 I visited the great wall of china. As a long distance runner, I ran 12 miles into the ruins of the wall (far beyond tourist or guards) . During my run I stumbled upon 3 looters and surprised them. After they became comfortable with me, the begin to show me coins they had just found in the rubble. I purchased three of these coins with $60 US. Would you be able to help me figure out if these are real? Thanks.

Unfortunately you have fallen into a ploy that I've heard from several other visitors. These are typical novelty (modern) replicas of Chinese charms. They are often sold in markets on the cheap, but there have been various situations where creative ploys such as this have been employed to sell them for more money. You got lucky though, I have heard of people spending hundreds on a single one like this. $20 a piece is not all that bad for a memento of your trip and right around what they would be worth to someone interested in a fairly accurate looking copy.
PS: Looters, even if they did manage to find something, run the risk of being put to death. The Chinese government takes looting of culturally important sites extremely seriously. Certainly not worth the risk for $60.
Thanks for the question! :)

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