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Ancient coins
Ancient coins  

If you could please identify these coins for me and to mention if they are of any value.
Thanks to your website and if i'm right i guess the first coin is of the period Queen Lilavati, and the second coin of ParakramaBahu II, the third is a Hoysalas gold Fanam. But the last three coins are difficult to identify as the markings have faded away, is it possible to identify to which period they belong?

Thanks and regards

ANSWER: Your identity of the first 3 are OK

To even guess at the last 3 you will need to send me dimensions and
weights to at least 0.1 gram accuracy, and composition Copper/Silver ?

The copper massa are worth under lkRs100 each in Lanka
and the Hosyala maybe around lkRs1500.  

Are you in Sri Lanka ?

With best regards

Dr Kavan

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QUESTION: Thank You very much Dr Kavan, yes i'm in Sri Lanka and these are some of the coins my grandfather had, he was an antique collector.
About the last 3 coins, all 3 appears to be of copper and i couldn't find a way to measure their weights. They weigh less than the massa coins, im guessing about 2 grams or less.
coin 1
Diameter(Max.Width) = 14mm
Thickness = <1mm (about 0.8mm)

coin 2
Diameter(Max.Width) = 14.5mm
Thickness = <1mm (about 0.8mm)

coin 3
Diameter(Max.Width) = 12.5mm
Thickness = <1mm (about 0.9mm)

I understand that these information aren't sufficient enough to identify, but if you could narrow it down to some point. Anyway Thanks again for confirming the first three.

Thanks and regards


ANSWER: The last 3 maybe worn out imitation punchmark copper coins
based on size and rough weight which are interesting.
I will need to see them to say more.
Are you around Colombo

With best regards

Dr Kavan

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QUESTION: Yes Dr Kavan i understand, i'm not sure whether they are imitated coins or not, all  i know is that they were with my grandfather for about fifty years.
Yes sir i'm in Boralesgamuwa and  I can provide them to you for further inspection.

Thanks and Regards

If you are in Boralesgamuwa let us try to meet sometime
and I will give you comments on yout grandfathers collection.
Imitated punch marks are as old as the original they
are not modern forgeries

I live in Mount Call me sometime. 0717072020

Dr Kavan

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