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How much is a 1915 D good condition
liberty 1/2 dollar worth

& a 1935 plain buffalo nickel
Worth good condition

I'd need to see close-up pictures of the front and back of each coin.  Coin collecting goes further than saying a coin is in certain condition.  If you want, I can give you values without pictures, but in my opinion I'd be doing you a disservice.

If you want to send pictures, please do so. AllExperts allows jpeg uploads.  If not, I'll give you a very rough estimate.

For pictures, I'd need as close and clear of a picture as you could get.

I hope I can help you.


Coin and Paper Money Collecting

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I can answer anything relating to modern US coins and paper currency and collecting it. I can also answer some questions about Israeli currency. Please do not ask me about ancient currencies, as this is outside my area of expertise.


I have been an avid collector for many years, and while I specialize in US coinage, right now I am also focusing on silver bouillon. Silver is actually a better investment than gold, which is something a lot of people do not know!

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