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Sir,Why are you not making arrangement for Fair/Sale of Ceylon/Sri Lankan Coin and Paper Money for reasonable price to get young collectors/new collectors or promoting the people?

Price is based on Supply and Demand. There is no way that anyone can fix prices.

There are idiots listing trying to sell VOC Duit coins on which can be purchased for about Rs100
for Rs100,000 but that is not a issue, unless someone ignorant, with to much money buys.

There is also those trying to sell fake non-existent coins and currency, like a 1944 Ceylon 1 cent coin or a
1940 1 rupee note but anyone who spends some time to study the catalogs should not get caught to these scams

I agree that there are some dealers asking too much, I just don't buy from them. If nobody buys from them, they will need to lower prices. So when buying decide how much you are willing to pay for that coin or
currency and just wait till you find one at that price. That is the Joy of collecting. If you are
in a big rush, you will pay more and drive prices up, by increasing demand.

There is CBSL which issues high price limited edition Non Circulating Legal Tender (NCLT) coins, but
they are really not important for a coin collection. A real coin must circulate.

Then there is the recent case of the 25 Rs 10 District coins has not been distributed properly to collectors and we have discussed this with CBSL to rectify that problem. That was clearly an opportunity to get young collectors which has so far been badly handled.  

Coin and Paper Money Collecting

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