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QUESTION: So last year I went to Rome and went into a coin dealer and bought an ancient Roman coin. The coin has the head of the politician Plautius Hypsaeus who was a praetor and ally to the senator Pompey the Great. On the back of the coin, there are 2 horses with what appear to be legionaire riders and below them "ROMA" is inscribed. The coin was printed around 194-190BCE to my understanding. The coin is a denarii, so it is made of pure silver. My question is, how much is it worth?

Hypsaeus Silver Denarius
Hypsaeus Silver Denari  
ANSWER: Hello Sharif,

Does the coin have the word "ROMA" on it? I could not find a reference to a Hypsaeus coin with ROMA on the back. I found several others close but not this one.

If you can send me a photo of your coin (front and back) I can make a positive identification.

Condition is everything when it comes to coins. The value of similar coins to the one that you describe is about $100 US in VG to Extra Fine condition. If you paid slightly more than that this would be OK as many of the shops that sell to tourists charge a bit more.

David Mc

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QUESTION: The coin does have the word "ROMA" on it, yes. Here are pictures of what it looks like:


Thanks for sending the pictures, I was able to find your coin. Here is a link to one that just sold at CNG for $96. The condition of the one that sold was Very Fine, here is the link

Your coin would grade good to very good - the split would take away some value.

You should expect to net $40 to $50 for this coin on eBay or similar auction site. If you paid around $60 Euros you paid the average retail rate, if you paid less you got a good deal!

David Mc

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