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Kangxi Obverse
Kangxi Obverse  

Kangxi Reverse
Kangxi Reverse  
Dear David,

I require your help regarding several Kangxi I own. I got them from my grandfather who had a chinese friend. I would first like to know if these coins are autentic or not and secondly how much they could worth. This might be a tough question with only a single picture. Do you have any tips to find out if they are "real" or not?

Find attached a picture of one of this coin.

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer and help, I really appreciate it.

Hello Julien,

The character on the back is not consistent with an authentic version of this coin. From the photos that t you sent the patina and coloring look good but I can not say definitively if this is a real coin or a replica.

If this were authentic they sell for $2 to $5.

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