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1) I found a 1989-p dime that appears to be the color of a penny.
  Is it possible and if so, how much is it worth?

2) Also, whats a good site to look up appraisals of old coins where
  i can buy, sell, and trade with coin collectors?

The current dime is mostly copper, as are the quarter and half, which is the color of a cent.  The dime is coated with zinc, which is silver colored.  Thus, the most likely cause of the fact that your dime is the color of copper is that the coating isn't on it.  If it was made that way at the mint you have a mint error which would have some value beyond the $.10.  If the coating was removed after the dime was made, you have a damaged coin with no additional value.  If the coating was removed, there would likely be some, perhaps very small, silver residue left on the coin, so I'd look for that.

To see what value your piece might have and to answer the second question you posed, the world marketplace is eBay,  Try going there and doing a search for unplated dime, or other similar searches to see is anyone is selling a mint error dime without plating.  See what price is requested and if anyone has bid.  Remember, please, that just because a seller is asking a certain price, doesn't mean the piece is worth that.  Hope this helped, Jim Lawniczak

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