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QUESTION: Hello Dan,how are ya?
Now,in Washington DC.I am continuing my Treasure Hunt.
Here its a bit dry spells,but I ran into a Penny that has no
printing on it.No prints on the Front or the Back.
The Penny sized Blank has the coating of the shinny zinc.
It seems to match the Blanks from the 85-87-89 era.

Does this hold a collectable value?
Its the first cent I found yet that did this number out of
half a million so far in the Treasure Hunt.
Is this a common find for Lincoln Cent Treasure Hunters?

God Bless
Lincoln Cent Treasure Hunter
Preserving the American Historical Heritage.
PS: The coin has no scratches or Dents,or anything that would imply any type of home-made device was used to create it.

ANSWER: Hi Beck,

From what it sounds like, you found a combination of errors -- first an unstruck planchet, and second, it sounds like you may have an unfinished planchet.  Taken by themselves, these errors are only worth a dollar or two, but together, they may be significantly more valuable.

All cents, since mid-1982, are composed almost entirely of zinc, with a thin outer coating of copper.  So if you're seeing shiny zinc, it means your coin never got its outer layer of copper.  This kind of error by itself is only worth a dollar or two.

I've never seen an unfinished planchet / unstruck planchet combination error before.  It's probably not worth thousands, but it should certainly be worth more than a couple dollars.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Dan for your help and guidance.

Just to clarify a double error of this type would be a just a RAW Blank?
Like a Blank Disc,is that correct?

I wonder what part of the error is more unique?
It not being properly coated with the copper?
or it not being struck at all?

It would be helpful to me to know what a RAW blank looks like form 1983 to say 1995...  That info would certinaly help me.

The coin (cent) has again no images at all on both sides.
The coin shows that it has a coating on it but not in perfect,parts of it are there and part missing or perhaps peeling off.

I myself have never seen a cent like this before as well.

God Bless
Lincoln Cent Treasure Hunter
Preserving the American National Heritage.

Hi Beck,

Yes it is a raw blank.  It got cut from the end of a strip, where the coating was uneven or missing, and never got struck at all.

I would say the missing coating is the rarer part of the error -- they seem to get a little more money for that error, compared to just a blank planchet error.

What you have IS a blank from 1983 on .. just imagine the coating being all there to be normal.

I hope this helps,


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