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I have two Silver coins that my friend's dad gave to me about 26 years ago. They have those cardboard plastic covers on them that are stapled on each corner. One is (was)a new one U.S. silver dollar 200th Anniversary coin. The other is kind of a beat up large south African coin that is thick and heavy. It says: Georgis Sextvs Rex with a man's head on one side and the other side is a ship that says: (SUID AFRIKA 1652-1952 SOUTH AFRICA 5s) Back then their prices were 20.00 for the U.S. and the African was I think 27.00
I was wondering if there was any guesstimate's on what they could be worth in 30 or 40 years going off your knowledge of past markets? While nothing in the future is certain I was just curious? I want to hold on to them until retirement and hoped they might be worth a little something, even maybe enough for a little vacation? I ask because I was going to buy a couple of silver coins and I remembered I had those. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I guess if you had any guesstimate's on current value that would be helpful too, but I would like to hang on to them. Thank you and have a great day!

Both coins contain silver, however they are not rare.  Their values will be based on the current silver market.  The S. African 5 shilling is about 1/2 oz of silver with a value of about $10
The American Dollar, I am assuming it is dated 1976 and depicts Eisenhower, contains about 1/3 oz. of silver and has a value of about $7

Don't bank on a vacation, even in the future.


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