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QUESTION: Straits Settlements 1901 Edward VII King & Emperor Quarter 1/4 Cent Coin 

Size: 17.85 mm x 17.85 mm (Approx)

Year: 1901

does this coin exist? is it real. tq

ANSWER: Hello Firuz,

Yes this coin does exist. There were 2,000,000 pieces minted. You can buy these on eBay and other coin sites. They sell from $5 to $400 depending on condition.

David Mc

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi again David,

I just received the coins. Doesn't look right.

i have questions regarding this coin i bought from ebay. I cannot find anything online regarding this coin,
not only that but all you find online is this coin for sale with almost same photo.

I have a standard catalog for straits settlement coin, this coin doesn't seem to exist at all
the only year it exist is 1904 and above, but this coin is 1901.

my question is:
1. does this coin in this 1901 exist?
2. how many of them is mint?
3. is it genuine you think? I can send u the photo if u give me your the email
4. how much the value of this coin?

Thanks a lot and appreciate it.

This is what the buyer said:


Found this coin in my grandfather's drawer. I have no idea whether this coin is authenic because I cannot find any

information about this coin online. And yes, I do accept returns if you do not like it....cheers!

Type: Straits Settlements 1901 Edward VII King & Emperor Quarter 1/4 Cent Coin 

Size: 17.85 mm x 17.85 mm (Approx)

Condition: Please see photos

Year: 1901

thanks again.

ANSWER: Hello Firuz,

This is a very very common coin - they made 2,000,000 of them. There is no history of counterfeiting them because they have very little value. Why do you doubt its rarity or its authenticity? There are 5 for sale on eBay US right now - all different looking all going for $14.00 to $100.

David McConaghy
New England Coin Exchange

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi again,

I doubt the authenticity because most standard catalog doesn't show this 1901
coin exist, only the year 1904 and above.

do you know any link I can read about it in details or any catalog said about it?
It would very helpful.

and also the reason I doubt it because I might be silly because I purchase 5 more
this coin. I'm afraid I get cheated.
so far it seem only eBay has details about it.

Thank for your lighting reply David.


I am not sure what coin books you are using but this coin appears as the first listing under Straits Settlements in every Krause coin guide from the 1970s to the 2011 version. Here is what they have:

KM# 14 1/4 CENT
Bronze, 18 mm. Ruler: Victoria Obv: Crowned head left Obv.
Legend: VICTORIA QUEEN Rev: Value within beaded circle
Rev. Legend: STRAITS SETTLEMENTS Edge: Reeded

I think the answer is for you throw out the books you have been using as they are not complete. If your coin is 18mm in diameter and has the reeded edge you can rest assured that you have an authentic - although very common - 1/4 cent coin. I am not sure why you are so concerned about such an inexpensive and extremely common coin that has no history of being counterfeited.

Please move on to another coin.

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