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I have an Indian Head Penny, yeaar 1900, that is white in color.
It looks to be the correct size (not struck on a different denomination die).  Listening to it when dropped on a table, it
is definately not copper or bronze, it SOUNDS like it's composed
of nickel, it does not sound like a silver dime.
It's probably in 'fine' condition, and the detail seems correct.
I'm wondering if someone ever tried to counterfeit pennies in the
1900's, or what I'm dealing with.
Do you know if any 1900 indian Head pennies were struck in some metal other than copper/bronze.
Thanks  Dennis

Hello Dennis,

Thanks for your question. This sounds interesting and I would love to help you but I would really need to see the coin. The correct weight of a 1900 Indian Head cent would be 3.11 grams. The copper nickel varieties or the flying eagle cents weigh in at 4.7 grams. You can expect to be at that weight or slightly under if the coin has some wear.

If it does indeed weigh over the 3.11 grams you might have what we call a mule coin. This means that the coin was struck on a different planchet than it was designed for. This does increase the value significantly.

If you can send me the weight and a photo I can give you more information.

David McConaghy
New England Coin Exchange

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