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QUESTION: hello , I am inquireing , about a nickel I have , based on the following , 1980 [p] ,offset 20 to 30 percent , [date is cut in half] and ,not struck well , coin is bent , does not lay flat , die crack that runs 25 % of nickel reverse side , this is a offset , damaged by mint , coin I would like to send ,to have graded , is this legal to own ? the condition is uncirculated , steps are full ... john

ANSWER: Hi John,

It's absolutely legal -- no worries there.  Prettymuch the only coins that are illegal, are those that have been altered to defraud somebody.

Grading service websites :

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QUESTION: thanks Dan , one more question , the offset looks like it happened when the obverse was struck , did they strike the obverse and the reverse at different times ? the front of the nickel has the offset to the rite [ at date ], the backside has the offset to the left of Monticello , the word united cut in half , and to top it all off the front and back are not equal to each other. if holding the coin heads up ,top of jeffersons head to the top ,and than flipping coin around, the reverse's image is 20% rotated ?  john

Now that's some weird %^$+ John.  It's not possible to strike one side at a time, so I don't know how this could have been made.  Only think I can suggest is that it has been altered after it was minted somehow.  If you have a magnifier, check each side closely for a seam, located just inside the raised rim on one side or the other.  If you find one, this would indicate that the coin has been altered.  It would still be legal, just weird.


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