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Face of coin
Face of coin  

Rear of cion
Rear of cion  
Hi! Mr Bogdan C,

I have this coin look alike Persian coin,size 45 mm. diameter with thickness 2 mm.(Face DSC_1254 & Rear DSC_ 1255) in gold or brass or other?.

I have this clean up with vinegar & salt in warm water few times and also clean up with tooth paste(with soft brush).

I also look into some web sites and one similar to the above, except the face & rear are different>>at Images for Persian coins value site.(DCS_1278)look like silver or steel or zinc.?

I thank you in advance, if you could let me know the ancient coin details and value.

Best regards,


Dear mr. Augus,
This one is clearly out my field of knowledge but some things I can point out for you. Definitely this doesn't look at all ancient, the fabrication is clearly modern, most probably from the second half of the 20th century. It also has some rough details that point this isn't an official coin meant for circulation as currency but a token, and the metal looks like bronze or brass - these are copper alloys not gold, sorry! [Gold (pure or in higher karat alloys) generally keeps a shiny surface even when buried for a very long time, not to mention when kept in a house, and it is quite soft (that's why copper is added, to harden it for better resistance to everyday use).] It has some features such as the half-moon and star and the type of sword also that point to it having some (intended) connection with Islam, but then the indigenous man standing almost naked and holding two spears doesn't look very orthodox, so to speak, that's why I doubt this is an official issue.

I could find on a forum the image of a similar token but that one looks cast not struck like yours, and possibly older than yours:  and discussion page here
The owner claims it was found in the jungle of Borneo in the 70's, and was lead to the assumption that it might be a temple token.

Based on all this I think it might be indeed a (temple?) token depicting probably a local (religious?) figure, maybe issued somewhere in your part of the world (as you're from Singapore and the other owner mentions Borneo...).

I hope I was of little help at least, as this is definitely not my field, sorry.
Warm regards!  

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