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QUESTION: i have a token from my father-in-law who lived in county down, ireland... its a royal black knights of Ireland. with all the symbols and on the back is RBP. 544... can you tell me anything about it. he has passsed away and cant ask...

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ANSWER: Hi Lana,
I am curious if token was from Ireland or from Canada? The Canadian RBP 544 was located in British Columbia. Does it say, Star of the West? If so it is definately Canadian.
My interest goes far beyond, as I am the Dep Grand Treas for the Royal Black Knights of the Province of Eastern Ontario. For years I have managed a historical display of artifacts that are used as historical or promotional purposes.
My own grand dad came from County Down, he was from Bannbridge which is not far from Belfast.
The token is used in a ritualistic way, symbolic of a brother willing to help another brother.
What else can I assist with? I hope that it is preserved somehow so others may see and enjoy it.
There are basically 5 or 6 versions of the token, the main difference is determined by the manufacturer as well as the degrees taken up to that point.
For your particular token, I would ask what symbols are on it that you have questions about, I will divulge what I can. All symbols are biblical in nature like our degrees. The highest being the Red Cross or 11th degree.

Sir Knight James Pyke
Dep Grand Treas GBC of Eastern Ont

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: this coin has the cross and crown,heart,skull and cross bones in a triangle,two canes crossed,two v's,up and one down with something in the middle,a horn symbol with something crossed beside it., a bird looks like holding something, a kind ofhouse with 6squares in it and peak roof. acircle with a star or flower. and another one i dont know wht it is. looks like eleven symbols.. it doesn't say star of the west.. i know he was an orangeman in ireland.  he immagrated to B.C. in 1953 ..dont know if its from ireland or canada.. i would think ireland..but not sure.
there is no date and no manufacturer inscribed on it.  
thanks for any info you can give me.


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RBP stock die  

It appears that you have a Canadian RBP token. The Irish and Scottish versions are generic and have never had names or numbers on them.
I will attempt to attach a scan of the reverse or back of the token you describe. Most tokens are very similar as the vast majority came from one of 3 suppliers and one of the two used the same strike on his. I can't show you your exact token as I don't have one from that preceptory.

Farrance and Jenkinson_Toronto jeweler-maker of the first Canadian RBP tokens
Kent Bros, then A. Kent & Sons-Toronto jeweler and regalia maker
Dominion Regalia-Toronto-regalia maker-still in business

Yours appears to be from A. Kent and Sons based on the timeline of his immigration to Canada and pattern you describe. You never described the front, I am curious which pattern they used.

The "V's" you describe are actually the square and compass with a G in the middle, used by most fraternal orders. Keeping yourself true and square, with GOD in the centre.
Even the skull and crossbones is meant to remind us that we are all born to die. So we should always conduct our selfs properly. The canes are shepherd hooks.

Value, we have them still in our preceptory cupboard, we paid about $2.50ea for the last batch. I usually find these for $15-30 depending on condition at flea markets and coin shows. I mention, I find as I actively gather them up for use in historical displays.

I hope that I have been of assistance, let me know if you need or want more.


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