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Coin collection  
Hello sir,

i have some very old coins i got from my grandma and recently i came across few advertisements and a list of prices. As i have many copper coins, i just like to know the real value of them. In that advertisements, some were about to sell for 15000 and more. But i am not sure if those really worth that much. So please be kind enought to explain me a bit about the value of these coins i have with me.

Thanks a lot sir

1843 - BRITANNIAR REG FID DEF / Half Penny

1 cent George V 1928
1 cent George V 1925
1 cent George V 1926
1 cent George V 1929 * 2
1 cent George VI 1942 * 3
1 cent George VI 1945
1 cent George VI 1937

1/4 cent Victoria 1870

1/2 cent George VI 1940
1/2 cent George V 1926 * 4
1/2 cent George V 1926
1/2 cent Victoria 1891

10 cent George V 1912
10 cent George V 1920
10 cent Lanka 1971
10 cent Lanka 1978

5 cent George V 1926
5 cent George V 1920
5 cent George VI 1942
5 cent George VI 1944 * 2
5 cent Lanka 1963

10 cent George VI 1951
10 cent George VI 1944
10 cent George VI 1941

2 cent Elizabeth II 1957

50 cent George V 1914
50 cent George VI 1942

One Penny George VI 1940

First let me recommend that you read my article in last week SundayTimes you can
also find online.

Not sure what Advertisements you saw, but if on or then
those are meaningless advertisement. If you saw it in a local newspaper
PLEASE let me know where.

The value of a coin varies a lot depending on condition. Most often a factor
of more than 10 between an uncirculated coin and that which is well circulated.
For circulated 20th century coins you have listed, it is typically about Rs50
or less for the copper and about Rs500 or less for the silver.  

They should make a nice core to a collection if you are interested in doing that.
Else let me know where you are located, and I will make suggestion as to were you
may sell them.  

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