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Coin and Paper Money Collecting/wondering what kinda coin this is


front of coin
front of coin  

back of coin
back of coin  
I wanna know then name and value of this coin if it has any

Hello! It's a Western European one but I'll try to help you anyway. It looks like a silver coin of Johann Georg I of Saxony (1615-1656), dated 1628. I can't tell what denomination is without knowing its diameter and especially its weight, but looks pretty much like a half thaler you can see here (sold for 200 euros in 2011, but that one is a bit better than yours, regarding conservation/strike).

I don't see anything suspicious from the pictures but generally speaking for judging the authenticity of such coins one must see them in hand.

If you need further help please let me know. Good luck!

Coin and Paper Money Collecting

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I can answer questions regarding certain Eastern European medieval coins, especially coins issued in Wallachia / Walachei/ Transalpina / Tara Romaneasca, Moldavia / Moldawien / Moldau / Moldova, Transylvania / Siebenbürgen / Transilvania for which I can usually make rough estimates of value based on past public sales. Medieval coinage of Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary is also a field of interest but I usually can provide only identification, not evaluation, because of insufficient bibliography. Questions about coins of the Ottoman Empire and of the Golden Horde might get answer if you allow double of the usual time of 2 days. I cannot answer questions about medieval coins of Western European states or any Russian coins except Sadagura issues (1771-1774), nor questions about ancient or modern coins. NOTE: I will need to see at least a decent picture or a scan of any specific coin you ask about (with both sides, obverse and reverse). Please do not ask what a coin is worth without sending clear images of it along with your question.


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