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I am trying to get some information on an Eisenhower Bicentennial Dollar that I bought out of my cash register.  I've compared the type 1 & 2 versions, in my very limited knowledge I am pretty sure I have a type 2 due to the thinner lettering and the curved tail of the R.  The thing that caught my attention is there is no mint mark on the coin.  I've done some reading and as far as I can tell this is pretty rare, or is it just wishful thinking on my part?  If you could let me know your thoughts I would appreciate it.

Nothing wrong with wishful thinking.  The Eisenhower Dollar was made at San Fran - "S" Mint - special collector coins only, Denver - "D" Mint, and Philadelphia - no mint mark.  You have the thick/thin lettering correct for v1 and v2 1976 coins.  Hope this helps, Thanks! Troy Thoreson  

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