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Arab coin obverse
Arab coin obverse  

Gujrati text
Gujrati text  
I have what is probably a token rather than currency.  I bought it as an old Arabic coin, probably from Israel.  Then someone helped me by telling me it was a token probably from Indian or Nepal.  My last help was from someone else from this site who was able to identify it as from Inida and that the text on the reverse is Gujrati.  The obverse is a rooftop view - a town or a temple?  I just really want to know what it actually is, and whether it can be dated.

Hi Jacki,

What you have there looks like a Sikh temple token. These tokens were given to Pilgrims that reached the temple. Some times they were given to donors to the temples as a Thank You gift. While you token appears to be newer (maybe the last 50 years) the original tokens were given out around 1500 to 1600.

Placing a value on these is difficult because they were not minted by a government and given any monetary value at their creation. This also means that few records were kept and most information on these is suspect at best. Whenever you have an item that needs a long explanation for a buyer to understand it you can not expect to sell it for much.

They are interesting and if you found someone who knows the language you would probably see that the words are a thank you or a blessing.

David McConaghy
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