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Please can you take a look at this coin that I found recently in a river in the UK.
I am interested to know its origin and value including age.

Thanks in advance


This one is out of field of expertise but I'll try to help. The scripts on this token look like Brahmic scripts ( so possible origin is India or that area in S-E Asia. Might be a religious token or something like that, I doubt it's a coin. The toning is also quite confusing, I wonder what metal is made of? Could be tin, lead, even silver?!

Anyway, this looks like an unusual find for U.K. and as you found it in a river it could either be an item lost long ago or quite recently, by a collector for instance. In either case it would be strongly recommended that you contact your local Officer for Portable Antiquities Scheme, you can find the name and contact details on this page: (look for your area in that list). It's the right thing to do and if this item is of some importance it won't get wasted from a scientific point of view.

One more thing: by any means do NOT try to clean it with anything, it may ruin it incredibly fast, just leave it like that, store it in a dry dark place and avoid handling it with bare hands, better use a soft clean cloth or a cotton glove.

Best regards and good luck!

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