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2000-p sacagawea vip strike
2000-p sacagawea vip s  
QUESTION: Is this a vip strike? What is it? Is it rare? Should ngc grade it? I have seen only little info on this coin and seems very rare

ANSWER: It's hard to give an opinion from this picture.  If there's a coin shop near you, I'd suggest taking it there.

In terms of NGC I buy a few slabs each year, but grading is VERY subjective.  I have several coins graded by them that I think were low-graded, and there are books and smartphone apps that can help you grade.  Also keep in mind that turnaround time from NGC can be up to a month.  I **think** that costs $35 plus insurance and shipping both ways.

I could give you my opinion on a grade.  For me to do this, I would need you to take the coin out of the box, and give me a close up of both sides of the coin.

I hope this helps.


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Closer look
Closer look  
QUESTION: If this is a p vip strike, from what iv read, there were only 3 ever graded as high as a 68! If this is a vip strike is it rare? Valuable? If it grades good is it even more rare? More valuable? Im almost positive its a vip strike, and from what iv read its 9x more rare then the goodacre coins hers a closer look

Sacajawea Dollar
Sacajawea Dollar  
A good grade is always better, makes the coin more desirable to a potential buyer...

In my collection, I have a 2003-S graded at PF-69, that according to NGC is worth about $25.  I have included a picture of my coin for comparison sake.

In terms of your coin, I did a little more digging on NGC's archives.  Surprisingly, if it's the coin I'm thinking, It's only worth $1-$2.  On the website below, if it prompts you to login, just click back to archive, then hit your back button.

I hope this is helpful.


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