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Hello sir

I've seen this series is out, and I wanna ask you a couple of things.

Do this coins really circulate? Are they being used, for example, to buy bread?

Do you think they are minted in such a big quantity that makes them cheap to buy? 250 LKR are less than 2 USD, and they are being sold for more than 50 USD!! Will the lower their prize?

Are common srilankan people aware of the variety of coins you have?

Thank you very much!
Regards from sunny Spain

Yes they circulate, and I have got many from circulation. 2 million of each have been minted.
The face value of set is Rs250 or under US$2. However the packed sets were sold by CBSL for
Rs1000 (US$8) including cost of packaging and same sold on eBay for US$50.  As yet it has
not bee easy to get complete loose sets as very few such sets were made up for sale.
Hopefully this problem would be solved in time.

Some common Srilankan people know. A bus conductor gave me one in change, and when I commented
said he had another type and gave it to me. See my website and blog

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