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1798 gold coin
1798 gold coin  

1798 gold coin
1798 gold coin  
Please let me know if this coin exists, I have looked everywhere but I can not find any mentioning for this anywhere

Kurt Russel

Hello Kurt,   
The coin in the photograph is a one dollar design.
It was made in silver not gold. Toning from age or atmosphere contamination can  alter the color to gold and brown coloring.
The one pictured may be a copy in brass, copper or bronze.
These issues were well used and would be worn.

Your coin shows the design is from Robert Scott and was used on
Early Dollars (1794-1804) from the Philadelphia Mint.
The coins were made in 90% Silver and Weigh 26.96grams and had a diameter 39 to 40mm.
The denomination was lettered on the edge of the coins rather than having a reeded edge like modern coins. On the edge you would see "HUNDRED CENTS".

I hope this information helps,
good luck,

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