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197? Penny front
197? Penny front  
The st in trust and the last number in date are not there, looks like the never were. Is this an error, if so what would it be worth?

Hello Stan,  

Thanks for selecting me for your answer. There is no report of any working dies having this error.
Although the U.S. Mint adheres to strict quality control standards, errors in coin production do occur. One coin or many every year may bear a particular mistake or any number of mistakes. Values are based on the rarity and severity of the error, as well as the denomination. Due to the subjective nature of error coins, no published price listings are available that consider all possible factors, denominations and dates.

When determining the validity of errors, you must consider that coins may have been altered after they left the Mint. Error coins should always be authenticated by an expert numismatist and determined to be genuine.

However it looks like your type of error occurs when part of the recess area in the Die gets filled with debris. There is a common misconception that errors like these are valuable. Many coins are made missing features due to a "filled die".
If you look closely there is a rough surface where the design element is missing. Or sometimes a ghost of the letter can be seen. Since it is relatively easy to fake this error and only uncirculated coins are even considered collectible.

Although the Statistics cannot be figured for the true percentage of good coins vs. a filled die error, the filled die error is the most common error found among all error coins reported.

Actually called a filled die error they are very common in production runs. During the striking process grease, metal slivers, threads from clothing etc. get into the press area. Since oil and grease cannot be compressed the metal can't flow into the recess of the die, thus leaving the design incomplete.

Furthermore the mottos, mint marks and dates on modern coins are put in the die master that the working hubs come from.  All design elements are put in at once and you could not have only one missing.

It is more a novelty or conversation piece than a collector specimen. It would sell for less than a dollar for a struck through error missing one letter. Yours may be from $1.00 to $2.00 with all 4 digits of the date missing.

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