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What are the odds of a two headed coin being real? It sure looks real to me. If it is not real how would one get a dime die so perfect? It is a little worn but I would put as an MS Quality coin I am no expert but have been collecting coins for more than five years. I am a member of Coneca.

There is no chance that this was made by the mint. The obverse and reverse dies do not fit into the wrong spots on the press. There are several ways to create a fake double sided coin. One method uses an end mill to create a pocket for another coin that is also machined with the end mill. They are usually so tightly toleranced that the vacuum effect holds them together.

A second method uses two coins - both have either their head or tails side ground down. They are then glued together and the edge denticles are added by hand or with a home made upsetting mill.

We see some real good ones from time to time, even a few whose weight was spot on.

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