Coin and Paper Money Collecting/Miss cut 20 dollar bill


20 dollar bill
20 dollar bill  

20 Dollar bill
20 Dollar bill  
I have a series 2009 miss cut 20 dollar bill that I am trying to if it has any value other than its face value. I have taken it to my bank to verify that it is not counterfeit.

Scott -

Here's one that sold on ebay for $30

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I can answer questions regarding grading,condition and value for United States Coins. I can also answer questions about selling coins on Ebay. I cannot answer questions about paper money or coins from other countries. In almost every situation, I will need to see at least a picture or a scan of any specific coin submitted, so please don't ask what a coin is worth without send a clear image of it along with your question.


I have been an active collector for over 30 years, and a dealer for 20 years. I have bought and sold hundreds of coins.

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