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Nepolian Face
Nepolian Face  

Nepolian Wreath 1860
Nepolian Wreath 1860  
My boyfriend found a Neapolitan II  1860 copper coin. One side Nepolian. The other side 1860 wreath. Has it got any value?

Modern coins are not my field of interest but I can give you a general answer for this one. As much as I can read from the (unclear) photos, on obverse there's the head of the Italian monarch Victor Emmanuel II ( ) and legend VITTORIO EMANUELE II RE (D'ITALIA?). He was King of Sardinia from 1849 until 1861, then in 1861  became the first King of the united Italy (until his death in 1878). Regarding the value, considering its damaged condition - which is not proper for a collectible modern coin - I'd say it has no significant numismatic value, sorry!

I've noticed you live in the USA, and as you said this coin was found there (in the ground?), I think it might of been brought there by some Italian immigrants, which obviously left Italy at some moment after this coin was issued. As it wasn't made of silver or gold it had no intrinsic value, but it was maybe a mmemento of the homeland...You can do some research for yourself or contact the local museums/historians which may give you a deeper insight and perhaps confirm this theory of mine.

In any case, don't try to clean the coin any farther, just leave it like it is.
Hope I was of some help.

Best regards and good luck!

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