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1956D Lincoln Wheat Penny Error
1956D Lincoln Wheat Pe  

1956D Lincoln Wheat Penny Error
1956D Lincoln Wheat Pe  
I hope you can help me identify this coin! I found it while researching 'error' coins from my Father's collection. To simplify things for you, I've made a list below of the coins' characteristics. I've also attached two images below but they are tightly cropped, so if you would like more angles I can photograph them and send them to you, as well.  

1956D Lincoln Wheat Penny
Silver in Color
Side view shows a fine line that runs around coin (2 coins?)
Diameter: 13/16th's of an inch
Thickness: Varies from 1/16 of an inch to 3/32 of an inch
Broad/Deep collar
Embedded Clip attached above Lincolns' head

I would appreciate any information you can give me about this coin and thank you in advance for your time and interest!

Patty Anderson
Windsor Hts., IA

Hi Patty,

It appears that the penny is just a normal penny that had been put in a bezel, then plated.

The bezel (ring around the coin) is probably steel, hence the magnetic attraction.

My guess is that it was part of a keychain.

Best regards
Joe Hylas

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