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QUESTION: I have a coin from Mexico. It has on one side unidos mexicanos and  what looks like a dragon with a snake in its mouth. The  other side N$1 with the date clearly 1892. also a M with o above it. Its in fair condition. Is it worth anything? Thank you for any information.

ANSWER: Is it 1892 or 1982?

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QUESTION: I had three other people look at the coin with a magnifying glass  and all three said the date was 1892. Once again thank you. Randy

ANSWER: Can you post a picture?

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Coin Date
Coin Date  

QUESTION: I would have sent a picture earlier but i was having PC problems.
Here is a picture of the date on the coin.


This is in fact a 1992 - what you have is known as a die cud where a small piece of metal gets into the die or on the planchet when it is struck. In this case it gives it the appearance of an 8 instead of a 9.

These types of errors are somewhat collectible so maybe this might fetch $3 to $5 on eBay.

David Mc

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