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Hi Dmitry

I have two what seem to be a couple of German coins/tokens I got from a bulk foreign coin lot. I have been scouring the web looking for information about them but have not been able to find much. Could you possibly I.D. them? I would also be interested in any additional information such as mintage and their value (if any).

Thanks in advance for the awesome service you volunteer!!!


Hi Jared,
The one on the left is German notgeld (literally translating as "not money"). This was a necessity token coinage made locally throughout Germany and parts of Austria starting in 1917 and continuing up until 1923. As the years progressed and inflation became rampant the denominations increased dramatically. From the smallest 1 pfennig (like on yours) up to 100,000's of marks. This one is from the city of Halle. You can find examples with the same reverse but different obverse designs from other cities and states. This particular one is pretty common and in this condition worth just a few dollars.

The one of the right is not a coin or token, it is an advertising piece for a nitrogen plant in Berlin. These come made in aluminum and also iron. Value is also just a few dollars.

Thanks for the question! :)

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