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I have a German Empire (Saxony?) large silver coin dated 1895 E. It is an (5?)FUNF MARK coin and in VF condition. Info from the public library tells me its KM#1246 but says similar to KM# 1256 (no info found).The edging is plain but has letters & markings as follows: UNS xxx GOTT xxx MIT. What's this mean ?
Additional info: E - Mint, Muldenhutten (Germany). Ruler on face of coin, ALBERT KOENIG VON SACHSEN (King of Saxony). On reverse of coin, lettering DEUTSCHES REICH 1895 FUNF MARK is wrapped around a bird like figure that indicates the German Empire.
Could you please help with the proper identification, its retail market value & sell-able est. value. Thank You, Frank

Hi Frank,
You got the correct attribution. This is one of the lower mintage dates for this series, with 89,000 made that year. A problem-free VF is worth around $70-$75, but the prices jump significantly when you get to XF or higher grades. This is generally true for the majority of non-commemorative German States silver and gold, as many types were made in low numbers and circulated heavily thus having condition rarity.
The edge lettering is a popular German military slogan which translates to "God with us".
Thanks for the question! :)

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