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I have found a double faced quarter one side 1974 and the other side 1995 is it worth anything?  Also 1944 1910 pennies do they worth??

Patricia, with only a few exceptions double headed coins are magician trick coins for use in magic tricks.  They are made by hollowing out one side and putting another coin in.  Check the rim to see if you see the seam where the two sides were joined.  If you have an extraordinarily rare true double headed quarter, one in many billion, it is worth quite a lot.  The 1944 cent is really not worth much at all unless it is in complete pristine condition as minted and even though only a few dollars.  The 1910 is worth a bit more, particularly if uncirculated but even then not all that much, Jim Lawniczak

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I will answer your questions about encased coins (lucky pennies), which are advertising and event tokens with coins, unually cents, struck with the token.


Long time collector of encased coins and author of several articles on encased coins.

TAMS, ECI (Encased Collectors International)

TAMS -- several articles on encased coins, in particular the encased coins of the 1901 Buffalo Pan American Exposition
Casement -- many articles on encased coins

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