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weird penny
weird penny  

weird penny 2
weird penny 2  
Found this going thru 10 years of pennies. Looks exactly like a real penny reverse. .749 diameter. 1.67 grams. rust inside and very magnetic says steel.Looks exactly like a real penny.  There doesnt appear to be any machining marks inside, like a lathe would leave. Edge chamfering or bevel appears completely normal. AM wide spaced. Seated Lincoln detailed. Its hollowed out, but made of steel.Got any ideas?

Hi Nick,

What you have there is half of a novelty double reverse memorial cent. These were/are used by magicians and anyone who wants to win a coin toss by calling tails.

When they are together they are usually difficult to identify as fakes - the seam is on one of the surfaces and not on the edge. Novelty shops still sell these.

David Mc

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