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I found a 1962 confederate half dollar in pretty bad condition i think.It has the word "COPY" stamped into it.Can you give me approx value of this coin?

Hello Will,
Thanks for the question.

This is indeed a copy of the Confederate Half Dollar coin. Not all copies were marked as such and might need to be checked.
There were many made over the years and the Hobby Protection act law was not written until the 1970ís that the word COPY must be on the reproduction coins.

The ones I have seen are accurate though the color is a bit off. And all the features look soft. Most of them look like a casting taken from a re-struck design.

There were so few original coins made that they sell replicas as souvenirs as well as token pieces made for clubs and such. Many are called fantasy pieces and sold as a novelty
And some unscrupulous people are modifying them to look more like an unknown original to sell to coin collectors.
Most likely this is a token or reproduction piece. There were only 4 silver originals and 500 re-strikes made.

You can look for cracks and pitting on the Cast Copies.
They sell anywhere from $2 to $15 dollars.  
Remember it is just a souvenir piece and has no Coin Collecting (numismatic)Value.

I hope this information Helps.

Thank You and Good Luck


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