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2000 s quarter
2000 s quarter  

2000 s quarter
2000 s quarter  
Yes... I got this 2000 S quarter back with my change.  I thought AWESOME...  A silver quarter ((but it looks like it belongs in a proof set, because of the mirrored look.  But when I got home, I looked at it closer and seen that it wasn't all silver ...the edge has copper..? I'm confused... Can you please help me..?

Hi Tiffany,  

Great job on the question and pictures.  Yes, this quarter was once part of a proof set.  And it appears to be the clad version.  In the year 2000 Proof (S) Quarters were made both Clad and Silver.  The clad version has a weight of 5.67 grams vs the Silver version at 6.25 grams.  Hope this helps!

Please remember to never clean coins, this can damage and lessen their value.  Also, soft plastics can contain harmful chemicals that can react with coins over time.  Try using inert materials when storing coins.  Plus, it is always a good idea to store coins in a safe.  The safe should not be exposed to the elements and should not be up against a wall to the outside.  These are just a few tips I have learned over the years to help keep your collection in top shape.

If you found this information helpful please nominate me for category expert in coins.  If coming through Turlock or Los Banos, CA please feel free to look us up at Thoreson Numismatics.

Thanks for the question,

Troy Thoreson,  

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